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Congress Tenaciously Determined to Bail Out Teachers Unions

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If only they were as determined to cut spending. Alas, Congressional Democrats are hell-bent on taking care of their friends in the teachers unions.

The original $23 billion “Education Jobs Fund,� or “public schools bailout,� in the words of American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten, fizzled, despite earnest lobbying by both the AFT and the larger National Education Association.

That number was trimmed to $10 billion and inserted into the Afghanistan war spending bill in a cynical maneuver cooked up by Big Labor.

While that passed the House, word is emerging that the pork-laden war bill isn’t going anywhere in the Senate.

But Big Labor’s pals aren’t giving up. They’re a tenacious bunch that will find one way or another to continue spending oodles more on a bloated system that’s underserving America’s children.

Now, according to, the $10 billion public schools bailout will likely be attached to another bill that will likely sail through the big-spending Congress.

One bill that is being studied as a vehicle is the leftover package of tax break extensions that are not included in the Senate’s extension of unemployment benefits. The Senate is scheduled to pass the unemployment bill on Tuesday and the House is expected to take it up on Wednesday.

And Big Labor’s go-to man in the House, Appropriations Chairman Dave Obey (D-WI), isn’t done gutting President Obama’s education reform initiative, “Race to the Top.� From The Hill:

Obey has proposed a 40 percent cut to the White House’s $1.35 billion 2011 request for Race to the Top — a budget allocation for which Obama personally pleaded.

This is the second conflict this month between Obey (D-Wis.) and the White House over money for the program, which awards federal grants to states that adopt performance-based policies for their public schools.

Obey also wants to cut money from a fund that provides incentives for charter school development, performance pay for teachers and tenure modifications. He originally wanted to divert $500 million from that worthy fund, but now wants $1.3 billion.

This reveals two things - how determined Obey is to deliver the bacon for the teachers unions, but also the perceived weakness of President Obama. If the president’s own party is dismantling one of his signature programs, just imagine what’s happening behind the scenes.

The NEA welcomed Obey’s onslaught with open arms and typical lovey-dovey socialistic rhetoric.

Obey’s attempt to balance funding for reforms with more traditional programs is winning support from teacher unions, which have also questioned the Race to the Top approach.

“We fundamentally believe that the government’s role through federal funding is to be a partner to all states, so we’re truly investing in all children’s successes and futures, instead of making states have to compete,� said Kim Anderson, the government-relations director for the National Education Association.

Regardless of what bill is used as a vehicle for the public education bailout, it should be defeated until public schools have demonstrated they’re able to cut labor costs to sustainable levels. This bailout would have the opposite effect by relieving the pressure on schools to deal with their financial excesses, which is precisely the Democrats’ goal.

The NAACP Acting Stupidly (Again)

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I must admit, I didn’t think the NAACP could top the whole Hallmark-card-is-racist fiasco, but never underestimate the power of stupidity. One thing progressives are very good at is using black people and they’ve found some that are willing enough dupes to help facilitate their plan.

The NAACP is expected to approve a resolution at its annual convention condemning the tea party movement for harboring “racist elements that are a threat to our democracy,” a spokeswoman for the civil rights organization said Monday.

Like the ignoramuses in Los Angeles who lost their collective minds over racist mispronunciations of black ‘holes’ versus the ‘whores’ they wanted to hear, the national NAACP believes the Tea Party is racist simply because the Barack Obama they oppose is black; not because they oppose the out-of-control fiscal policies of the second black president and his arrogant party leadership.

While I don’t recall seeing any reports from NAACP members who personally witnessed hearing racist verbiage and/or signs, they are following the White House talking points that the nearly all-white Tea Party is hostile to President Obama purely because of his race. I mention the personal attendance of the NAACP at Tea Parties because I’ve been to both the 9/12 march on D.C. as well as the health care reform rally on Capitol Hill and the only physical assaults I suffered at the hands of rabid, angry white Teabaggers were hugs from people who read my website.

I declined to press charges.

Whether you buy into the Glenn Beck warnings of radicals seeking revolution to implement social justice or not, my question is this to the scholarly NAACP: what are you going to get out of this?

Barack and Michelle Obama will be taken care off long after he leaves office, but should the NAACP deliberately side with the New Black Panthers and vilify whitey, just what will the black community gain? Better welfare?

Despite years of servitude to the Democrat Party, what do blacks have to show for their time, effort, and votes? Democrats control the economy in the black community. Democrats control education, and their politicians send their kids to private schools. Democrats have done little to earn the loyal support of blacks and the NAACP, yet they are now willing to suck up to the radicals in the administration… for what?

(Oh, and for the geniuses in the New Black Panther Party who bitch about the cracka’ po-lice invading their neighborhoods, I have one small suggestion. The po-lice go where crime is. If people behave themselves, the po-lice go elsewhere. It works every time.)

In any socialist government structure, there are the elites allowed that status by the cronies. Just where do the idiots in the NAACP expect to be in the grand scheme of things?

While strategically calling the Tea Party racist, the administration has found an ignorant echo chamber of sellouts in the NAACP. They assume racism lives within the Tea Party because the sheepish media says so. And since they don’t appear to have reading down, they probably haven’t seen the stories of Crash The Tea Party, a failed group of liberals who sought to “infiltrate and dismantle” the Tea Party by mixing in, making loud and crazy statements, and displaying racist signs that could be photographed and/or videotaped to smear them.

I’m sorry, but do liberals who use racial taunts to deliberately brand an opponent sound respectful of black people? Obviously not, then again as the NAACP routinely employs the same tactic, it’s easy to conclude they don’t care much about black people either; just the attention they personally receive and the fundraising it drives.

The NAACP can call the Tea Party racist all it wants, and they will because good little boys and girls do what they’re told. But when the Obama nightmare is over, the NAACP will have nowhere to go. They’ll have placed all their chips on one last race card and will have lost it all. They will be broke and no one will take a minute to hear what they say.

Only a dummy would stick his or her neck out for people who have always offered nothing in return for that effort. The stupid in the NAACP are sticking their necks out for progressives who are probably laughing in the back rooms about how easy this is… again.