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We Will Not Be Silenced! St. Louis Tea Party Passes Resolution Condemning NAACP Racism

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We Will Not Be Silenced

Last year the Pelosi-Obama regime passed the most irresponsible and damaging piece of legislation in American history – the Trillion Dollar Stimulus Bill. They dumped a trillion dollars into a government sink hole with the promise that they would create jobs. We knew better. We were afraid for our families and our country. We were outraged and took to the streets. We spoke out. We came out. We protested the elites.


We will not be silenced.

On April 15th of last year we met in cities across this great nation. We protested the reckless spending, the record deficit, the bailouts, the careless decisions being made by this radical Administration and Congress. We came out in force, hundreds of thousands of us. We stood as one.

We will not be silenced.

We shocked the elites. We shocked the radicals and extremists. They couldn’t believe that we were speaking out. This wasn’t their plan. They knew they had to react and they lashed out at us. They called us mobsters, Nazis, radicals, and racists. They beat us, and smashed us in the face and bit off fingers. They wanted us to pipe down; to be good little drones as they continued to wreak havoc across this great nation with their radical agenda. But, we gathered on street corners and met them at town halls.


We will not be silenced.

They rammed through radical piece after radical piece of legislation. They took over whole industries. Their thirst for power was never quenched. They ignored the nation’s unemployment and instead focused on the next industry they could takeover and control. We organized and marched on Washington. Hundreds of thousands of us. They lied about our numbers.

We will not be silenced.

In January they rammed through their nationalized health care plan. They lied to us. They said it would save us money. It won’t. They said it would not cover abortion. It did. They said your insurance plan won’t change. It will. We met them in Washington. And their state-run media lied about us and made up stories that we were racists. Despite proof they continue this lie today. But…

We will not be silenced.

Today they reach a new low. The far left NAACP will pass a resolution calling us racists. We are hurt. We are angry. We are upset with this horrible lie.

We will not be silenced.

Not now. Not ever.

The St. Louis Tea Party Coalition passed a resolution last night condemning the racist attacks by the NAACP and the democratic-media complex.

St. Louis Tea Party Coalition Resolution
July 12, 2010

Whereas, the National Coalition for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded to advance the position of minority groups, and

Whereas a hallmark of the NAACP has been to do the important work of identifying and exposing remaining vestiges of racism and discrimination, and

Whereas the NAACP vocally stands against the discriminatory and harmful practice of labeling people with a broad brush, and

Whereas the NAACP decided to launch their 101st National Convention with a resolution condemning the Tea Party movement and labeling millions of their fellow Americans who subscribe to the movement as “racists”, and

Whereas the “Tea Party movement” is a label applied to patriotic Americans who have expressed their political free speech in the grand tradition of all that is American, that being the spirited expression of viewpoints in a 100% peaceful manner, and

Whereas, it is a hallmark of America that we settle our disputes civilly and avoid the gutter tactic of attempting to silence opponents by inflammatory name-calling, and
Whereas the very term “racist” has diminished meaning due to its overuse by political partisans including members of the NAACP, and

Whereas, the NAACP had an opportunity to preserve some semblance of legitimacy by standing up for Ken Gladney, the victim of a vicious racist battery conducted by a black avowed communist, even labeling him an “Uncle Tom”, but chose instead to use the opportunity to mock the St. Louis Tea Party, and

Whereas, the NAACP has refused to denounce the New Black Panther’s call to murder white cops and their babies, and

Whereas, the NAACP does its entire membership a grave disservice by hypocritically engaging in the very conduct it purports to oppose,

Now therefore be it resolved that the St. Louis Tea Party condemns the NAACP for lowering itself to the dishonorable position of a partisan political attack dog organization, and,

Be it further resolved that the St. Louis Tea Party calls on similar organizations to join in unanimous condemnation of this despicable behavior, and

Be it further resolved that we demand that the NAACP withdrawal their bigoted, false and inflammatory resolution against the tea party for any further consideration, and

Be it further resolved that these organizations call on the Internal Revenue Service to evenly apply their standards and consider the tax-exempt status of the NAACP considering the degree to which they are engaging in habitual partisan political behavior.

Adopted unanimously, this day, July 12th, in the year of our Lord, 2010.

A copy of this resolution shall be sent immediately to the NAACP at:

We will not be silenced.

President Obama Announces His Intent to Nominate Jacob Lew as OMB Director

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WASHINGTON – Today, President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate Jacob J. Lew to serve as Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

President Obama said, “The experience and good judgment Jack has acquired throughout his impressive career in the public and private sector will be an extraordinary asset to this administration’s efforts to cut down the deficit and put our nation back on a fiscally responsible path. As the budget director who left the next administration a $237 billion surplus when he worked for President Clinton, I have no doubt that Jack has proven himself equal to this extraordinary task. I am grateful he has agreed to serve in this critical role, and I look forward to working with him in the weeks and months ahead.”

President Obama announced his intent to nominate the following individual to a key administration post:

Jacob Lew, Nominee for Director, Office of Management and Budget
Mr. Jack Lew is Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, serving as Chief Operating Officer of the Department. Appointed by President Obama, he was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on January 28, 2009, and sworn in by Secretary Clinton the next day.

Mr. Lew was managing director and chief operating officer of Citi Alternative Investments (CAI) until January 2009. At CAI, he was responsible for operations, technology, finance, human resources, legal and regional coordination. Prior to joining CAI in January 2008, he was managing director and chief operating officer of Citi Global Wealth Management.

From 2001 to 2006, Mr. Lew was executive vice president and chief operating officer of New York University, where he was responsible for budget, finance, and operations. He was also a professor of public administration.

Mr. Lew served in President Clinton’s cabinet as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). From 1998 to 2001, he led the Administration budget team and served as a member of the National Security Council. During his tenure at OMB, the U.S. budget operated at a surplus for three consecutive years. Earlier, Mr. Lew served as OMB’s Deputy Director and was a member of the negotiating team that reached a bi-partisan agreement to balance the budget. As Special Assistant to President Clinton from 1993 to 1994, Mr. Lew helped design Americorps, the national service program.

From 1988 to 1993, Mr. Lew was a partner at the Washington law firm Van Ness, Feldman, specializing in issues related to power plant development.

Mr. Lew began his career in Washington in 1973 as a legislative aide. From 1979 to 1987, he was a principal domestic policy advisor to House Speaker Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr, where he served at the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee as Assistant Director and then Executive Director. There he was responsible for domestic and economic issues including Social Security, Medicare, budget, tax, trade, appropriations, and energy issues

From 2004 through 2008, Mr. Lew served on the Corporation for National and Community Service Board and chaired its Management, Administration, and Governance Committee. Prior to assuming his current position, he co-chaired the Advisory Board for City Year New York and was on the boards of the Kaiser Family Foundation, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the Brookings Institution Hamilton Project and the Tobin Project. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the National Academy of Social Insurance and of the bar in Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.

Mr. Lew received his A.B. degree magna cum laude from Harvard and his J.D. degree from Georgetown University.

ClimateGate Hoax

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When the right wing accused climate scientists of falsifying data, it was all over the media. But now that the so-called “ClimateGate” has been proved to be a hoax — there was no falsifying of data, and the accused scientists have been cleared of any wrongdoing — there is hardly any mention.

We don’t have media in this country, we have propaganda. Maybe bought-and-paid-for corporate propaganda, but propaganda none the less.

Write What You Know

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Former Massachusetts Governor and hunkity hunk Mitt Romney (R) forgot the first rule of writing while penning his recent op-ed for the Washington Post–write what you know. (The same could be said of everything Sarah Palin has ever “written”.) In the article, Romney calling the pending START treaty with Russia “Obama’s worst foreign-policy mistake”.

GOP Sen. Dick Lugar, the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and long-time nuclear arms expert issued a lengthy rebuttal criticizing Romney, saying that Romney “seems unaware of arms control history and context.” And the facts.

Lugar writes Romney, “rejects the Treaty’s unequivocal endorsement by the Defense Department led by Secretary Robert Gates and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He also distances himself from prominent Republican national security leaders, including Jim Schlesinger, Henry Kissinger, James Baker, and Brent Scowcroft, who have backed the Treaty after thoughtful analysis.”

“Thoughtful analysis” is not the strong point of the neo-fucks Romney is trying to endear himself. Over compensation is never pleasant to watch. In my book, if Henry Kissinger is ok with a treaty with Russia, than I’m ok. He knows more about negotiating with an enemy than Bob Barker knows about whacking off kitten junk.

Romney looks deliciously distinguished. He should try acting the part. He ain’t gonna out wing-nut Cheney so stop trying. I’m sure on the campaign trail, Romney will take another position. Mitt flips so much and so fast I keep him in my attic on hot days to cool off my house.

Overall, his op-ed doesn’t give me confidence that he’s ready for the Big House. Just ready for the campaign trail. Because when I want to know about nuclear arsenals, I’ll ask Richard Lugar. When I want to know about hair gel, I’ll ask Mitt Romney.

Dem Congressman Claims Unaware of New Black Panther Case

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The story of the Obama Justice Department’s questionable handling of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case of 2008 keeps gaining momentum and has taken a new turn today.

As congress is in recess, town hall meetings are taking place in districts all over America. Â Not unlike last year’s environment with frustrated and concerned constituents wanting answers about the pending ObamaCare legislation, this summer’s town halls include citizens asking their representatives about the curious actions of Eric Holder and his team at Justice.

Witness the latest home video featured at

Notice how the room erupts with anger and disbelief not at the congressman’s position, but over the fact that he claims to be ‘unaware’ of the case being dismissed.

The face of the Democratic Party is increasingly that of an out-of-touch elitist who knows what is better for the people than they know themselves. And with Rep. Pete Stark’s dismissive attitude on the border issue, Rep. Ciro Rodriguez‘ angry eruption over skepticism over his remarks on ObamaCare, and now Rep. Brad Sherman’s supercilious smirk as he admits to his constituents that he is not aware of one of the top stories in America over the past ten days, the incumbent Democrats are showing themselves to be incapable of discussing issues with their voters without creating another “You Tube Moment”.

Looks like another long, hot summer for the party in charge. Let’s hope they don’t start holding strategy meetings with their enforcers at SEIU.