Write What You Know

Former Massachusetts Governor and hunkity hunk Mitt Romney (R) forgot the first rule of writing while penning his recent op-ed for the Washington Post–write what you know. (The same could be said of everything Sarah Palin has ever “written”.) In the article, Romney calling the pending START treaty with Russia “Obama’s worst foreign-policy mistake”.

GOP Sen. Dick Lugar, the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and long-time nuclear arms expert issued a lengthy rebuttal criticizing Romney, saying that Romney “seems unaware of arms control history and context.” And the facts.

Lugar writes Romney, “rejects the Treaty’s unequivocal endorsement by the Defense Department led by Secretary Robert Gates and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He also distances himself from prominent Republican national security leaders, including Jim Schlesinger, Henry Kissinger, James Baker, and Brent Scowcroft, who have backed the Treaty after thoughtful analysis.”

“Thoughtful analysis” is not the strong point of the neo-fucks Romney is trying to endear himself. Over compensation is never pleasant to watch. In my book, if Henry Kissinger is ok with a treaty with Russia, than I’m ok. He knows more about negotiating with an enemy than Bob Barker knows about whacking off kitten junk.

Romney looks deliciously distinguished. He should try acting the part. He ain’t gonna out wing-nut Cheney so stop trying. I’m sure on the campaign trail, Romney will take another position. Mitt flips so much and so fast I keep him in my attic on hot days to cool off my house.

Overall, his op-ed doesn’t give me confidence that he’s ready for the Big House. Just ready for the campaign trail. Because when I want to know about nuclear arsenals, I’ll ask Richard Lugar. When I want to know about hair gel, I’ll ask Mitt Romney.

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