Dem Congressman Claims Unaware of New Black Panther Case

The story of the Obama Justice Department’s questionable handling of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case of 2008 keeps gaining momentum and has taken a new turn today.

As congress is in recess, town hall meetings are taking place in districts all over America. Â Not unlike last year’s environment with frustrated and concerned constituents wanting answers about the pending ObamaCare legislation, this summer’s town halls include citizens asking their representatives about the curious actions of Eric Holder and his team at Justice.

Witness the latest home video featured at

Notice how the room erupts with anger and disbelief not at the congressman’s position, but over the fact that he claims to be ‘unaware’ of the case being dismissed.

The face of the Democratic Party is increasingly that of an out-of-touch elitist who knows what is better for the people than they know themselves. And with Rep. Pete Stark’s dismissive attitude on the border issue, Rep. Ciro Rodriguez‘ angry eruption over skepticism over his remarks on ObamaCare, and now Rep. Brad Sherman’s supercilious smirk as he admits to his constituents that he is not aware of one of the top stories in America over the past ten days, the incumbent Democrats are showing themselves to be incapable of discussing issues with their voters without creating another “You Tube Moment”.

Looks like another long, hot summer for the party in charge. Let’s hope they don’t start holding strategy meetings with their enforcers at SEIU.

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