Real Simpletons: Selling ObamaCare One Subscriber at a Time

“How Health Care Reform Affects You.” Chances are you’ve seen an article along these lines pop up in your magazines of choice lately. I certainly have. Chances are the articles gloss over the major problems inherent in ObamaCare — if they’re not a straight out endorsement of the takeover.

Stephen Spruiell takes the latest incarnation of this problem to task over at NRO with “Real Simpletons: A popular magazine ignores the downside to Obamacare.”

My wife subscribes to Real Simple, a women’s-interest magazine specializing in articles on how to make life more organized. I often joke that our lives would be more organized if we didn’t have eight copies of Real Simple floating around the apartment at any given time. But since they are around, ll flip through them occasionally to see if there’s anything worth reading.

The article reads like an advertisement for Obamacare. One would be forgiven for thinking it a part of the administration’s campaign to improve the legislation’s popularity. Here is a complete list of the article’s subheads:

More services will be paid for in full.
Lifetime limits are history.
Your children can remain on your policy until age 26.
Kids with preexisting conditions cannot be denied coverage.
Insurers have to spend more money on care.

That’s it: All good, no bad, and the only two sources quoted in the article represent non-profits who supported the legislation.

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